You have questions about the manicure? We have the answers!

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Everybody knows that we women love to take care of ourselves. We are vain – in that there is no dispute. And to continue to achieve this “Wow, what a woman!” effect, then we must be fully informed of all the new trends.

Here we will talk about the maintained manicure and all those issues that excite us about it. We ask – the experts respond.


French manicure. Does it still fit in frame “timeless classic”?

According to the manicurists this kind of manicure is an indispensable part of everything that can be called modern. Be it for everyday appearance or at a special occasion. And it will continue to be. For that we advise you: for the upcoming holiday emphasize on the red. This color of passion can be applied at the end of the nails instead of the classic white stripe. Another idea is to draw little hearts on several fingers, if of course you like the romantic and sweet ornaments.


And when it comes to the pedicure?

The French classic is not at all suitable for a pedicure! For this warn us, even underline the specialists.


What shape to choose?

If the tiles of your nails are elongated, you may try the oval shape in order your hands to look more exquisite. If you like to experiment, then the sharpened ends are just for you. In case you have shorter nails, learn to file them so as to acquire a square shape.


How does the nail plastics work on our nails?

This is one of the most harmful procedures, with respect to the healthy nails! The acrylic and the gel used definitely are not recorded as recommended. Ladies, remember – the short nails are naturally beautiful. Let yourself be inspired to polish them in different distinguishable colors. Purple, red, blue – all topical suggestions, which naturally you should combine with the colors of your clothing.


What to do with the broken nail?

It would be better if you learn to carry with you a nail file. Then this potential problem will not bother you, simply file the broken fingernail. Under no circumstances bite it! This harmful habit since childhood remains the number one exterminator of the beautiful manicure. However, if the difference between the broken fingernail and the rest is too visible, then it is time to grab the scissors and trim them all along.


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