What helps the wrinkled and dry hands?

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Unfortunately, at different age we all suffer from wrinkled and dry hands


This is quite individual and depends on the skin of each person, but sooner or later it happens.


Is there a way to slow down the process and enhance the skin of our hands?

We are doing everything to stay young. But often the age issue the hands – the skin becomes thinner and dry, and then becomes wrinkled.


What helps in wrinkled and dry hands?


What leads to their premature aging?

1. Products of the household chemistry.

How many times a day we use chemicals? Gels for dishes, detergents – they destroy the natural lipid layer on the surface of the skin that keeps it from dehydration.

  1. The weather

In the summer, the skin of the hands changes from the ultraviolet light that degrades the collagen in the tissues and provokes the appearance of age spots. In the cold season the blood flow to the skin is reduced. This leads to dryness and flaking.

  1. Hormonal changes

For the women this is due to the lower estrogen levels occurring during menopause – associated with the reduced production of collagen and fats.

  1. Age

With progress of the years thins the layer of fat, the skin is highly dehydrated, slows down the natural process of renewal.


These are the main methods for rejuvenation of the skin of the hands:


  1. Biorevitalization (injection and laser procedures). Injections with hyaluronic acid rapidly and durably moisturize the skin, begins to allocate more collagen in it – it becomes soft and supple.
  1. Mesotherapy. With appropriate substances and vitamins is maintained the skin of the hands.
  1. The chemical peels remove the age spots on the hands and smooth their surface.
  1. Paraffin therapy for hands. It is an old and proven method that you can make at home. It is not expensive, but has great effect. The paraffin softens the skin, improves the blood circulation, the effect is visible after only a few treatments.
  1. And why not try the method of the French queens? It is very simple – in the evening smear your hands thoroughly with olive oil and put on cotton gloves. In the morning you will not believe how your hands will look like. Do the procedure only three times a week and you will be fascinated. All the active ingredients of the oil penetrate the skin and make it smooth and elastic.


And another thing that many women underestimate – always use gloves when you wash, clean or use chemicals for household work. All of them are extremely aggressive and cause massive damage to the skin. And frequently cause allergies, which are difficult to treat.

Many women use face cream, but forget to use the hand cream. There are currently very good hand creams that help the skin of the hands to be hydrated and soft.

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