Two left hands can also polish well

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We love beautifully painted nails, but to admit, not all of us have the ability to draw on such a small space.

Often, as we start to polish, we get out of the outlines of the nail plate. We decide to do a whole landscape on it and the situation becomes even more tragic.

There is a solution to our problem and his name is a professional manicurist. Only that it is not to be underestimated the fact that his weekly visit will not be beneficial neither to our budget nor our free time.

Therefore, it is best to learn by ourselves to polish our nails. There are simple methods for that, with which the greatest non-professionals can handle.


Easy French Manicure

Do not think that we “put you into the deep” with this idea. We offer you two ways through which you can create beautiful manicure at home, without using strips or other materials.

You need only white brocaded and top coat nail polish.

For method №1 you also need a thin brush.


How to do it?

With the thin brush make a white border whence you want to start the French manicure. So, as you have the contour, you can more safely and easily apply the white polish.

The brocade you need, in case you bend the line. You can apply it on it, on the whole white part or on the entire nail, but not on all, but on four, for example.

Finally cover with a top coat.

Method №2 is almost the same, but without the thin brush. Again apply the white polish at the top and with the brocade cover the curvature, once you have made one. Cover with top coat and you’re done.


Easy colorful decoration

You need two simple polishes in a different color, top coat and a toothpick.

Apply the polish you want to be your basic. Allow it to dry completely before you start with the decoration. We recommend that you do not paint each nail, but only on two or four.

On the inside of the nail put 3 drops of polish. Whereas they have not parched “blur” them with the toothpick. Start from the center and pull out. You will see how are formed leaves.

If you wish, you can add an accent around the flower with black or brocaded coat, in the form of lines or dots. Finally cover with a top coat.


Easy animal print

You need ordinary lacquer for base, black with a thin brush and top.

Polish with the base and wait for it to dry. Then with the help of the thin brush, apply the most common short lines on some of the nails.

You can do it over the entire plate or only at the top, particularly well it works on the French manicure.

Cover with top coat and you are ready.

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