The Ultimate Nail Care Guide

Image: © Ahileos / Fotolia

Proper nail care is not only a reflection of your beauty standards, but it is also an excellent measure of your health. To take good care of your nails, you can follow the following guide.

You should ensure that you wash your hands with a gentle soap. Also, you have to scrub under the nails using a nail brush. Doing this not only makes your nails clean, but it also keeps the bacteria at bay. To keep your hands and nails soft, you must always use a lotion after you have showered.

For proper nail care, before you trim your nails, always soak them in warm water with a little soap or a few drops of olive oil in it. This softens the nails and makes the trimming easier, safer and less messy.

When trimming the nails, do not cut the cuticles. This procedure should not be done because the cuticles exist to keep the bacteria away; therefore, cutting the cuticles would expose the nails to infections. Instead of cutting the cuticles push them back using a cuticle stick. Only cut them if there is excessive skin after you have pushed them back.

If you like having polish on your nails, you should not apply polish while there is lotion, oil or any previous polish on the nails; apply the polish only when the nail is sparkling clean.

Also, always use a base coat before applying the nail polish. The base coat aids in extending the life of the polish. Also, the base coat prevents the nail from constantly breaking and from the yellowing of the nails from the nail polish.


Strong and shiny nails are an indicator of good nail care and good nutrition. Whereas chafing, breaking and dirty nails scream of unkemptness, irresponsibility and dirtiness. To avoid being labeled as dirty or unkempt, take proper care of your nails!


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