The trends in the manicure for the autumn

Image: © honcharr / Fotolia

What has to say the manicurist of the stars?

We have always admired the stars and their flawless appearance, in which are polished even the smallest details.

Today we will give the floor to Alicia Torello, which is better known as the manicurist of the stars. The creative lady takes care of the nails of Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner and others, and her ideas find their place in the pages of major fashion and beauty magazines.

Now, after she made a personal profile in Instagram, we can be inspired by her creations or even draw ideas.

On the social platform Torello constantly uploads her new creations and practically outlines the current trends for the fall.

This season we should bet boldly on the geometrical forms, golden ribbons, combinations of contrasting colors, inverted French manicure and unfinished circles.

With regard to the colors, the nude palettes continue to dominate this season combined with black, bright yellow, blue, gold, green and pink.

The matt manicure is expected to be one of the brightest and current trends this fall! The leading stylists believe that the ordinary is now a relic of the past – not that it will not be used, but the matt is preferred for the next season, as it is considered to be more elegant and restrained.

The autumn is already here and it is time to start experimenting with the visions of this season. And the golden – it is the main focus, which always looks spectacular and adds luster to our appearance. If you like this trend and have decided to make such a manicure, you will have to choose the perfect cover – glamor, glitter, with golden particles or a simple gold nail polish. However, if your goal is to have something suitable for everyday life and in the office, then stick to light shades with a gold accent on one of the fingers. Note that the golden matches mostly with beige, pink and white.

The colors of coffee and chocolate are also quite relevant. The loveliness of the brown manicure is that it exudes tranquility, suits almost any outfit and at the same time is never considered as trivial. It turns out that this autumn it would again be in vogue!


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