The signs that your manicurist is damaging your nails

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If you notice even one best change the salon


We appeal to professionals whenever we need special advice or help. When it comes to visiting the salon, we usually resort to the services of a cosmetologist, hairdresser or manicurist.


The beautiful nails and the maintained manicure are an easy way to present ourselves as responsible ladies, recognizing the need of attention to the smallest details.



Often, however, our trust in the professionals is much more than it should be.


It is never good to trust completely, even if it comes to the professionals from the beauty salon we always go to.


We present to you the signs that your manicurist rather damages than maintains your nails.


If you find even one similarity with your professional – we advise you to replace the salon.


Wrong file

Very large part of the manicurists use old and worn out saws. This practice is as common as it is harmful for your nails. This is so because instead of proper and equal shaping is obtained a sort of a breakage, which even if not visible to the naked eye, may cause long-term damage in the future.


Wrong technique of filing

The filing of the nails is the basis of the beautiful and healthy manicure. The future of the nails is largely determined by the already set shape and the way it was achieved. The right way for filing of the nails is in only one direction that follows from the edges to the center.


Harmful nail polish remover

Vast majority of the salons choose to purchase pure acetone since it is cheaper, especially in large quantities. The problem with this type of nail polish remover is that it dries the nails very quickly and can leave the effect of whitening after its use.

You can ask your manicurist for nail polish remover, which is not only acetone. In the event that there is none, you can always bring yours with which to have your nails cleaned.


Improper removal of gel nail polish

The gel nail polishes are much more strongly attached to the nails and require special equipment for the safe dismantlement. The procedure involves processing of the nails, the placement of a cotton swab with acetone and then wrapping of the nails with foil.

After 15 minutes if everything is as it should be, the layer of gel nail polish should fall off with only a slight slip. Any other ways can injure or even brake the nails.


Clean tools

One of the main considerations in choosing a manicurist is the good hygiene. It is not just a question of good cleaning and shaping of the nails, but also the tools with which this is achieved.

Watch for the use of disinfectant and special sterilizing machine in which the tools are placed after use.

Nobody wants to share this type of tools with many other people.



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