The secrets of French Manicure

Image: © a1ex76 / Fotolia

In the delicate, neutral gamma of the French manicure the nails always look clean, neat and healthy. This is why it is universal for any age, occasion and clothing. It is appropriate for both your everyday life and for official and special events. The nuances of the nail polish should generally be in slightly transparent milky colors – pastel pink, beige and ivory.


Preparation of the hands

As with the other types of manicure, the tips of the fingers should be dipped for about 5 min in a bowl with warm water. You can add olive oil in order to nourish the nails. After you dry the hands, push to the base the already softened cuticles. If the excess tissue is more cut it. Avoid cutting the cuticles every time you do your manicure because they will become rougher and more visible. If they are not that big just push them back with a special stick for cuticles. It is best to cut them only once a month and during the other time to push them back. File your nails in the desired shape. Clean any leftovers on the nail plate with a nail polish remover.



To make yourself a quality French manicure it is best to use protective tapes. Put the template right below the free end of the nail. Then apply dense white polish only at the ends. The line must be slightly bent and in its perfect look it should mirror the image of the curve which is at the base of the nail that looks like a pale crescent. When you remove the strips cover the entire nail with a pastel or clear polish and mandatory a top coat.


The French manicure can be made and in a long lasting option. This involves the use of the acrylic-based polishes.

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