The newest tendencies in the manicure

The beautiful manicure is an important part of the vision of every woman. As clothing or hairstyles, the fashion trends do not skip and the nails. Different lengths, shapes and colors – we have seen everything. The nails are a playing field where you can show imagination and creativity. No matter if you do your manicure at home, if you are of the lucky women who can polish their nails on their own, or you visit your manicurist at the beauty salon, the good looking nails are always in fashion. They can be plain and simple in one color or painted with interesting nail art designs. Here is what will be the most fashionable colors for this year:

Image: © john lee / Fotolia

1.      Bordeaux

This color is similar to the modern palette with a nuance of wine. A classic that never goes out of fashion. Rich, deep and multilayered color that shines with polished perfection. For the evenings, combine burgundy nails with a lipstick in the same shade.





Image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

2.      Silver and gold

Of course, the colors need to be individually. This year the classic silver and gold are back in a new form. Silver reminds more of a metallic gray and in the gold glitter green hues. It is best to apply these colors on shorter and square nails.






3.      Emerald green

Image: © Christoph Hähnel / Fotolia

Rihanna imposed this brilliant and electrifying color, which does not go out of style the last few seasons. Emerald green or jade green (also known as peppermint) introduced Karl Lagerfeld. Long, rounded nails for a more memorable effect.





4.      Neutral

Image: © Natalya Glinskaya / Fotolia

The perfect neutral beige color is ideal because it fits for everyday as well as for the evening and for special occasions. It also creates unobtrusive effect, suitable for business occasions. Also with the neutral color the fingers lengthen optically. The nails must have the shape of a crescent.

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