The nails – their beauty comes from within

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Stains, cracks, grooves and splitting of the nails – when they appear we immediately begin to take better care of our manicure, or at least try to hide the problem under several layers of nail polish. The good appearance of the nails, however, depends not so much on the cosmetic procedures as on the condition of the organism and the proper nutrition. Therefore, the only sure way to improve their condition is to determine the cause of their bad form and remove it.

The nails are mainly built of keratin – the same protein that is found in our hair. It contains the amino acid cysteine and from its amount depends their hardness. In the nails are also contained various minerals – calcium, chromium, zinc, selenium and phosphorus which support their healthy appearance. The fats and water provide the shine and elasticity.

The reasons for nail disorders may be different. In some cases it is the use of aggressive detergents and powders without gloves. If the change in the color and structure is drastic, this may be a serious illness. Most often, however, the nails are suffering due to the following reasons:

Shortage of proteins

The lack of cysteine ​​leads to thinning, splitting and tearing of the nail. Rich in this amino acid are the red meats, chicken, eggs and milk. But perhaps the best source is the oily fish such as salmon and mackerel. Although cysteine ​​is mainly contained in animal products, this does not mean that vegetarians necessarily have problems with their nails. They have to eat more red peppers, garlic, onions, broccoli, oatmeal and wheat germs.

Poor in minerals food

In order to have healthy nails it is not enough to take only the listed minerals contained in the nail. For example, calcium is absorbed only in combination with magnesium and vitamin D. Therefore, it is often difficult to understand of exactly what substance our body is experiencing a shortage. The ideal sources of this combination are the dairy products, legumes, fatty fish, most of the nuts, eggs and spinach. Again from there you will also obtain selenium, zinc and phosphorus. The nature combines optimal, the beneficial substances, so it is better to trust it more rather than the nutritional supplements.

Shortage of fats

The brittle nails may be due to the lack of fats. For joy that can be repaired and with cosmetic cares. Once or twice a week, rub into the nails vegetable oils, such as olive oil. The effect will be enhanced if you add and oil-soluble vitamins – A, E, D.

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