The most expensive manicure in the world

Image: © Ahileos / Fotolia

In order to look good, a woman, then among other things, and her nails should also be in good condition. Some ladies on their own are capable of dealing with the decoration of their manicure by applying the so popular French manicure or any other form of nail art. Others completely trust their manicurists, who talented paint each nail, which service, of course, is more expensive. Going to the beauty salon frequently for doing your manicure can be a bit too much for the family budget. And we all know that the woman does not visit the salons only for manicure. Important for every lady’s appearance are also the hairstyle, cosmetic procedures for her face, body and so on.

Let us see how much expensive can be a manicure and which is the most expensive in the world.


Durable nail polish with a few gems like diamonds and rubies, this represents the most expensive manicure in the world that comes from the manicurist Leighton Denny in his beauty salon in London.

There are many stars that always shine with perfect manicure at special events, in magazines and even on TV. But, of course, not all use the services of Denny, which also have their drawbacks. You must be very careful with your nails, even more than with any other manicure or you will lose one of the precious stones placed on your delicate fingers.


You have € 36,000 in your bank account and you do not know what to do with them? Go to London and make your dream manicure, but be careful with it. The good thing about this expensive London manicure is that when you get tired of it, you can reuse all the little diamonds to make jewelry or you can sell them and again earn money to invest in yourself.


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