The manicure this autumn – vivid and art

Image: © Natalya Glinskaya / Fotolia

The modern manicure for the autumn this year is inspired by the ancient East. It should be vivid, art, recreating the splendor of Persian carpets of the folklore from the East.


This fall the trends in the nails should carry the natural style of the life in the harem according to the majority of the brands in the field of cosmetics.


Over the main color on the nails the stylists advise to sprinkle a special golden powder specifically designed to provide more opulence to the vision of the hands.


This season the nails are expertly decorated like miniature works of art, richly colored in gold, purple and indigo – says the artistic director and chief leader of the American brand CND Jan Arnold.


The New York giant in the production of cosmetics this year created a nail polish that does not fall for 14 days. The product was the big surprise in the presentation of their autumn collection.


This fall as the most modern colors in the nail polishes were indicated the pink and orange with a light shade of brown, reminiscent of the autumn.


The complex drawings on the nails also remain modern for the season. The images should represent antique tapestries inspired by Fabergé.


With the help of handicraft techniques from the Old World as embossing, engraving and decorating the nails turn into longed treasures add cosmeticians from the world stage.


The French manicure and this year will be a matter of perspective. Some consider it quite boring, but we can not deny that it makes the hands and fingers look longer. It is most suitable for serious events, such as an official working meeting.


You must not forget that the color of the nail polish should match the color of the skin. For example, to the too pale people do not suit too bright nail polishes.


The glamorous and pearl varnishes last much longer on the nails than the matt ones. Furthermore, they suit more the longer nails. If you do your manicure in bright shades at home, always apply a top coat to even the surface and prolong the life of the manicure.



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