The male manicure – fashion or necessity?

Image: © terex / Fotolia

One of the characteristics of the human being that distinguishes him from all other living things is that he takes care of his appearance. The beautiful hands and the well groomed nails are not just a dream of every woman, but recently and of the majority of the men.


However, there are still men who are afraid of the word “manicure”. For them, it seems like as though the nail file is associated with only the female manicure or with the men with non-traditional sexual orientation. In their perspective, the word manicure means colorful polished nails. In reality, the main purpose of the manicure is to improve the appearance of the nails, and hence the hands. Doing manicure to your hands actually is taking care of the nails and the skin of the hands.


The male manicure differs from the female, since the nails of men are significantly harder and denser. To make a manicure does not simply mean the nails to be painted, but it is a whole set of activities – cleaning of the nails, softening the rough skin, shaping of the nails, polishing the surface of the nails, rounding the corners, removing of the cuticles – pushing back or cutting them, etc. Of course, on the nails can be applied and colorless nail polish containing vitamins and nourishing the nails.


The male manicure is a crucial part of the preparation of the groom for the wedding day. If you are still hesitating whether to make a manicure before you face the altar, try and you will not regret. Because male manicure today is not just a momentary fashion, but an investment for your health and beauty. And of course, it is not mandatory to be a future groom to go to a beauty salon for manicure. Only if you dare to try it once you will see how beneficial this procedure will be for your hands.

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