The fashionable Nail Art

Image: © Natalya Glinskaya / Fotolia

Just putting nail polish on your nails has become outdated. The latest trend is the nail art. Your creativity can brighten up your looks. It is not at all that complicated, you just need to follow some simple steps. The easiest of all is to paste studs and glitter on your nails. Later on you can try more advanced designs. Here are some of the most important steps that you must follow:

1. Start with removing the old nail polish if you have applied any earlier. Make sure you remove the old polish completely, because your nails must be perfectly clean before you go any further.

2.  Trimming and filing your nails is very important. Shape your nails to the desired form. While trimming, be careful that the nails are not trimmed too short, while creating nail art, it is better if you have more space to work on. Put on some oil on the cuticles and gently push them back. If there is excessive skin after you push them back cut it with special scissors for cuticles.

3. Apply a base coat that is usually clear in color. It protects your nails from getting damaged or stained by the nail polish and other nail art materials. Apply one layer of the base coat and before proceeding wait for it to completely dry. Some base coats remain tacky even after drying which is meant to help for the next layer of the polish to stay in its place for longer without chipping.

These are the preliminary steps that are essential before applying any design. After these steps you can apply any color and any nail art design. Choose a nail paint of a branded company so that your nails get the finest looks and shine beautifully. Now you can try your creativity and make your friends envy you by drawing something imaginative on your nails.



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