The cosmetics that you can prepare yourself – harmless nail polish

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The cosmetic that you alone can prepare at home is completely harmless to you and to your health! Here is how to make yourself a harmless homemade nail polish.


The cosmetics is a weakness of any modern woman, especially the beautifying cosmetics that allows us to be different every day and in this way to express ourselves. The cosmetics without which it seems that we can no longer survive even a day includes lipsticks, nail polish, eye shadow and many other products.


But we have to admit that sometimes the cosmetics we use may cause some not so pleasant consequences. Among these products rank and the nail polishes.


Every woman loves to color her nails in different colors – according to her mood, according to the occasion she is going to or just to match her manicure with the chosen outfit. But the daily use of nail polishes has consequences – tile nails begins to turn yellow, it is possible to cause brittle nails and is not excluded and to occur an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.


And did you know that you on your own can prepare at home a completely harmless nail polish?!

The cosmetics that you prepare on your own at home is worth the effort and time spent, as not only is it absolutely harmless but even the opposite – it is helpful!


For your homemade harmless nail polish you need only about 50-60 grams of carrots. Clean and wash well the carrots, then grate them finely with a plastic grater. Leave the grated carrots to stay in the sunshine for 30 minutes until they turn into mash. Apply the carrot mash on your nails and make a bandage on your fingers with clean and thin pieces of cloth. Leave it to act for 30 minutes and remove the pieces. The hands are then washed with warm water and your nails acquire a pink and red color of a coral – a very fashionable color for the season.


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