The 5 minute manicure that every man has to make

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The nail care does not make you gay or metrosexual


To walk around with black and uncut (bitten) nails is ugly and repulsive. But unfortunately, few are the men who dare to enter a beauty salon and do a manicure with the help of a professional manicurist.


We do not blame you, but we do not excuse you also! You can take care of your hands at home, without worrying that someone will laugh at you or say that you are metrosexual.


How do you do it? Here are some tips from the fashion editor of the men’s website Men’s Health – Dan Mitchell.


It is best to take care of your nails after showering. Then they are softened by the water and most of the pollution has decreased, giving you a better view of the condition of the nail plate.


  1. Take a nail clipper and reduce the length of your nails, making sure you do not cut them too deeply. Leave the edges sharper because otherwise there is a chance to get stuck in the flesh when growing.


  1. Take the file and pass on the edge of the cut nail several times (not too much, you must not overdo it with the filing – just to smooth the edge).


  1. Clean the skin around the cuticle with a tool for cutting and pushing back of cuticles.


  1. Hydrate – smear your fingers with a moisturizing hand cream to soften the dry spots and protect the skin of your hands.


If you do this procedure once a week or every 10 days (depending on your nail growth) your hands will look good, regardless of your profession and their current condition. The skin of your hands will be soft and smooth and your nails will stay healthy and strong. After all, no woman would like to be touched with rough and poorly maintained hands.



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