Technology of the upgrade of nails

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Unfortunately not every one of us ladies can say that she is a proud owner of strong, beautiful and healthy natural nails. Sometimes even if we take regular and proper care of our nails and do the best for our manicure, it does not look as good as we would like it to. The health of the nails depends on many internal and external factors. It is also an indicator of the health condition of the whole body. Often even if we are healthy and take all the necessary vitamins and minerals, the condition of our nails is not at its best. Whether or not we will have perfect nails depends and on the inheritance which have given us our parents and ancestors. Luckily the modern technologies offer us ways to cover and hide the imperfections of our nails if there are any. This can be easily done with the help of the so-called upgrading of the nails.

Nowadays differ four basic types of technologies for upgrade:


1. Acrylic (acrylic polishing system)

2. Gel (gel system of the nail polish)

3. Clay-powder

4. Fabric technology (silk)


At the core of any technology lies the polymerization. When using one or another technology is obtained different strength and durability of the nails. For example the nails from clay and fabric technology will have the lowest durability, these nails will last only a week or two, and the nails made from acrylic and gel technology of upgrade will last two to three times longer. That is why the most common are the acrylic and gels technologies for upgrade.


Each material has a different rate of contraction (as determined in laboratory conditions): the best is from 3% to 12% contraction, from 12% to 20% is a tolerable rate, and materials with more than 20% of shrinkage are not advisable to work with, since this may damage the natural nail. In the fabric technology and powdered clay is better to use respectively by 5% to 15%.

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