Techniques for fast growth of the nails

Image: © Oleksii Sagitov / Fotolia

You want a beautiful and elegant manicure, but your nails grow slowly, split and break. The plate of each finger is in a different phase of growth, because the alignment means to cut all of them to the dregs. This means that in your organism are missing important substances or they cannot reach out to the nail. Here are some techniques that provide better nourishment to the nails.

The necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids reach the nails through the blood, so people with poor blood supply, they suffer from chronic hunger and grow very slowly. If you are of them, you can improve the blood circulation by regularly massaging the base of the nail tile around the cuticles.

Like the hair and the nails grow faster in summer. The reason is the heat. Accordingly, during the winter season and during the change of seasons, they become dry, brittle and barely budge in length. Therefore do not forget to wear gloves when you go out on the street, and as you get home do a hot oil bath. For this purpose heat olive oil in a small cup and dip your nails in it for a couple of minutes. Then do not wash your hands but rub the oil layer.

In order to remain the nails hard and not brake, do not file them on the sides. Once you reach the end of their pads give them oval or rectangular shape and keep them of medium length. Sharpened and overly long nails are a challenge for even the healthiest nails and often this result to painful breakages and injuries.

Polishing makes the long nails thicker and more sustainable. Apply a base layer first, then colored and finally a top coat. Contrary to popular opinion, not all such products exhaust the nails. Buy quality polishes which not only spare the nail tile, but further nourish it with minerals and vitamins.


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