Spells for beautiful and healthy nails

Image: © Oleksii Sagitov / Fotolia

In fact, it comes to very simple procedures, but they will help your nails look fabulously well. And since we are convinced that (maybe you have children) the sledging and playing with plasticine have caused some damage to your nails, we hasten to enchant you with the following simple tips:


1. Before going to bed anoint the cuticles (do not forget the pedicure) with moisturizer or Vaseline. This will soften and moisturize those areas and prevent the occurrence of cuticles on them, which, agree, are very annoying.

Bonus Tip: For this purpose, you can use sesame oil. It has a warming effect and also prevent from dehydrating. We assure you that after a few days you will feel the difference and your fingers will look more than gorgeous.


2. Do not file your nails immediately after you have taken a shower, because just then, they are most fragile and break easily. At the same time, be careful about the direction in which you will operate with the file. File in only one direction – from the outer to the inner edge of the nail. Important: clean daily the gathered dirt under the nail plates.


3. We know it is unpleasant, but it is a good idea to use rubber gloves when cleaning your home with chemicals. Housework has always been enemy number one of the beautiful and healthy manicure. Fact. For washing dishes (particularly when sporadically) you can not overact all that much – you can do it without protection or just find a partner in the washing with whom to take turns.


4. Never, never bite your nails or the cuticles on your fingers. Leave aside the aesthetics – this harmful habit can lead to infections and a bunch of other unpleasant things.


5. Girls, give yourself a break from the polishing! Regardless of the new formulas, by which are made the cosmetic products, which you use, the result of the last is often dehydration of the nail plates. The truth is that if they are well maintained, they are wonderful and without decorations on them. At least – they are natural!


6. The wearing of wet, tight and uncomfortable shoes can cause fungal infections on the nails. So make sure to put your feet in dry and comfortable boots, especially in winter.


Well, we close the beauty salon for today. Be beautiful and healthy!

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