Red on the nails

Image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

As each part of a lady’s outfit and the nail polish is subject to fashion trends and the big brands for cosmetics release new collections every year. How “new” they are and how well known they are – for this we do not know, but we know that there is a color for nails that will never go out of fashion – the red.


If black is the classic color for clothing, then surely the same is true for red except that for nails. If you love the bright and saturated colors on your nails, then it is mandatory to have at least one shade of red nail polish. It is suitable for both the hot summer days and for every other day and season of the year. There are women who rely entirely on this color when they polish their nails, and do not use other polishes.

Here is how the makeup artists interpret the use of the red as preferred color for manicure:

“Bright red nails show boldness and confidence. They are suitable for both evening dress and for everyday look.”


When applying red nail polish, be very careful with the outline of your nails because the saturated color emphasizes the shape of the nail that you have selected. Together with the shape of the nail, which you have chosen as the most suitable for your hands, you have to be very precise and in the application of the nail polish. Because red is a very bright color, any faults or imperfections will be extremely visible. At the moment your nail polish starts peeling off, you must mandatory fix it. The neglected manicure is a very ugly sight and speaks of carelessness towards your appearance. Another tip is not be neglected: if your manicure is in red, it is imperative and the pedicure to be in the same color.

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