Professional pedicure at home

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We want our feet to look good when we undress in the warm weather. And there is no need to go to expensive salons to achieve it!


In any case, even in the winter is quite a good time in which to talk about the new theme – “Let’s go to the sea”. We will start from the desired appearance for this event and in particular – from the feet. They must be in good shape. See how to accomplish the perfect pedicure at home.


Make a procedure in a foot bath

There are various natural products and oils with which you can achieve beautiful, soft feet at home. Just pick the ones you like the most and experiment with them this summer.


Exfoliate the heels

You must obtain a scrub for feet after the winter. Here is another idea – exfoliation with coffee. Yes, the already used and minced beans can be helpful in dealing with the rough heels. Mix the coffee with a little olive oil, almond oil, or any other, so as to produce a spreadable consistency. Apply on the problem areas and wait 5-10 minutes, then rub with massage movements for a few minutes and rinse.


Clean the dead skin of the nail plate

The cuticles of the legs also need pushing and cutting. You can do it after immersion in water, and also with the help of a moisturizing cream. The second method is very simple: smear with plenty of the moisturizing cream and put your feet in a plastic bag or cover them with transparency film. You can put on socks – the warming will accelerate the process. Stay ten minutes or so, then move on to the procedure of pushing and removing of the dead skin. You will see how easy it is that way.


Shape the nails

We advise you not to use for this purpose nail clippers but scissors or a file. If you cut your nails after you have taken any of the procedures in a bath, it will be easier and your nails will not chop​​. If you have time, use a paper file, which is designed specifically for toenails. The shape is of your choice – round or square, suitable for French manicure.


Apply nail polish

Use a fresh summer color such as light blue or mint. If you think it will not suit the nuances of your sandals, bet on the classic French manicure. Use a separator for fingers, apply a base coat, colored base, make white strips and cover with top coat. For convenience you can use nail polish with thin brush for the white part. It is done in the same way as on the hands. Wait for it to dry and wait at least an hour before putting on socks, slippers or any footwear. We recommend that you do not polish your nails in the evening.


If you do these procedures every week, your feet will look perfect in your favorite sandals all summer long. Consistency is the secret to any success.

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