Pretty manicure

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Our hands and especially our nails are our most beautiful business card. They can say a lot about us as well as about our lives. We must take good care of them and keep them clean. Regardless of whether you have a simple manicure, bright, special and sometimes complex, it is important your nails to always be exemplary. With all the kinds of decorations and nails risings these days, it is very easy to choose what you like and what suits you.


The simple manicure

Hands and nails play an important role in our overall appearance. So you should always keep them in top shape. There are countless options from which you can choose, whether to make your own manicure at home or go to a professional. If you are not of the people who can do nail decorations, you can polish them with a simple color, making them just look healthy and maintained. This is an unpretentious manicure, which does not have to comply with your outfit in any way.


Manicure for a night out with friends

If you go out with friends at night, or for a more special occasion, you can trust the brilliant metallic nail polishes. First shape the nails the way you want, remove the cuticles, and apply moisturizing cream. Once you have done all that apply a base which prevents the possible harmful actions of the polish on your nails. Then apply two coats of the desired color, wait for the first to dry and only then apply the second. For extra shine apply a top coat.


The French manicure

Represents one of the simplest, yet extremely elegant and chic, and only it resisted time for so long. Can be made on natural long nails or on artificial. French manicure first appeared in the 18th century, and became popular in 1930. Over time the colors modify from pale pink and white to more daring ranges, together with various decorations. When you do a French manicure avoid putting too much white because it will not acquire a natural look.


One of the fashion trends that is widespread in the world is the decoration of nails with all sorts of colors, gemstones, animal motifs, flowers in many shapes and patterns and many more. To be made such a manicure is required a lot of skill, practice and imagination of course.

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