Perfect manicure with short nails

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Several tips for beautiful hands


Some ladies just can not grow long nails. No matter how much nail strengtheners and products you apply on them, they still grow thin and bendable while at some point they break and you need to trim them.

Fortunately, the fashion podium launches increasingly common the tendency of short nails and this is definitely the leading the trend.


Since people definitely notice the hands and the good manicure makes an impression, we decided to give a few tips for the ladies who unwillingly have short nails and for those who just want to stick to the modern things this year.


Here is how to get a perfect manicure.


  1. Soften the cuticles

The ladies with short nails often have elongated nail bed, so there is a pretty big space where you can materialize your imagination with nail polish. Regardless of the length, you can optically lengthen the manicure if you soften the cuticles and gently push them back.


  1. Buff

One of the best techniques for beautiful nails is the polishing. Use a special buffer file that will not only add shine but also level any unevenness. Keep in mind that such a procedure is good to be done only once a week in order to not make the nails thinned.


  1. Compose a regime

The maintenance of the short nails is not less important than that for the long. Trim them on a regular basis, use a file to soften the corners and moisturize them with a cream for hands and nails.


  1. Use oils

The daily massage with natural oils is the best thing that can happen to your manicure. This type of procedures improve the appearance of the nails, clean them of dust and dirt and help for the acceleration of the growth and strength of the nail plate.


  1. File every day

Carry in your handbag a small file with which to maintain your nails daily. The everyday filing strengthens the edges and is a preventive measure against chipping and notching of the tips of the nails. Otherwise you will have to struggle with an uneven and chipping manicure.

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