Paraffin therapy

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The paraffin baths (bathtubs) are rapidly becoming popular in the salons for treatment. They eliminate the peeling, heal the cracks and nourish the skin, slow down the aging and possibly even abolish the bone deformations. We recommend that you do a paraffin therapy once every three to four weeks. The skin of the hands is cleared, and then with massage movements is applied gel-peels, the remnants of which are removed with a towel. After that the hands are coated with a special cream that does not allow the paraffin to penetrate the skin. Then the hands are dipped several times in warm paraffin and wrapped in cellophane and are placed gloves. After 15 minutes, the paraffin is removed and the hands are greased with a moisturizing cream.

It is believed that such a procedure is difficult to be done at home, but there are alternatives. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin of your hands using scrub. Apply on the hands a thick layer nourishing face mask or glycerine and after a few hours (preferably overnight) put on cotton gloves.

To make a “classic” paraffin therapy at home, you must buy from the pharmacy medical aromatic paraffin and warm it in a bowl on water bath. Put on gloves and dip the hands in the bowl for 10 minutes. In this case, the wax acts as heating the hands, increases the blood circulation and enhances the skin elasticity, smoothing the wrinkles. The hands suffer most from dryness, cracks, redness and peeling. At the first session the hands restore all these unpleasant phenomena. The skin becomes so smooth and soft that cosmeticians call this procedure “velvet hands.” Particular importance has this procedure for the hands in the winter. The effect of the paraffin is noticeable after the first session and lasts for more than a week.

The paraffin baths can complement each manicure. Half an hour dipping in a warm bath with aromatic oils has a very relaxing effect and certainly should bring you true bliss. Since this procedure is so easy and simple, you can make it yourself at home.

How to make a paraffin bath at home

For this purpose we need to be stocked with paraffin. The conventional fusible candles will not do the job. You need specially purified cosmetic paraffin that is sold in pharmacies and beauty salons. When you purchased it keep in mind that each procedure will take a lot of material – not less than 2-3 kg. Melt the paraffin on “water bath”, the piece must be placed in a rather high enameled bowl, so that the water not to fall into the cosmetic material. Before applying the paraffin on the skin it is necessary to check the temperature to prevent burns. You can then proceed with the procedure. Dip the hands and remove them 6-8 times until they are covered with a thick layer of paraffin. After that, put your hands in plastic gloves and on top a towel. After 25 minutes, the gloves are removed, and after that and the paraffin from the wrist to the fingertips, apply cream with massage movements. That’s the whole procedure. The same procedure you can also make and on your feet.

For the paraffin therapy at home you will need:

– cosmetic paraffin

– scrub and moisturizing hand cream

– plastic gloves and towels

– essential oils (optional)

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