Pamper your feet with a holographic French pedicure at home

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It turns out that this idea is easy to implement and with it you will save another dollar as you can do it yourself at home without having to visit expensive beauty salons.


The French pedicure is like a French manicure, but for the feet! Just like the French manicure of the hands, the French pedicure looks very stylish and almost imperceptible. At the same time with it the nails look neat and maintained. This pedicure is suitable for all occasions, since with it is not necessary to comply with what you are going to wear. And why holographic? Have patience.



Most women walk with open shoes in the summer. There is nothing uglier than not maintained toenails.

The feet not only sweat in the summer, but also the nails crumble and require specific care. For the heels that crack should also be taken daily care.


So before you begin to make the holographic French pedicure, for a week do a bath of the feet with sea salt for relaxation, and then anoint them with a soft gentle cream! The peeling of the heels is mandatory.


Remove the old nail polish from you toenails and push the cuticles gently with a cuticle tool. After that apply some cuticle oil. With a file shape your nails into the desired shape. It is desirable to use glass or paper nail file. In some cases, you need to also use the scissors.


First, apply a pale pink nail polish, but before that place separators for pedicure between your toes. Allow the polish to dry and apply a template for a French manicure (available and for pedicure) on your nails. If you do not have templates – cut out your own out of white adhesive paper – these are strips which will protect the already applied polish. Now is the time for the white colored nail polish. It happens easy with just a flick. Remove the template and you have a white strip on your nails and you are with a Parisian chic! And now comes the turn of the hologram.


It is nice to finally put and a colorless varnish, which has a very fine gold or silver dots. That is it, now you have a hologram French pedicure.


The effect is great! In this way your nails give a glare in the sun and conceal any other flaws.

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