Our hands are our business card

Image: © Cisek Ciesielski / Fotolia

One of the first things a little child learns is the hygiene and above all the frequent hand washing. The permanent questions before sitting at the table, “Did you wash your hands,” have remained in our minds and raise a smile whenever we say it to our children.

But besides the hand washing it is extremely important to completely care for them. They are one of the first things the person in front of us sees and feels – handshake, greeting. It is important what impression we will make.

One of the most important things is to keep the skin of your hands soft. Of the water, the detergents and the weather conditions, our hands dry, get rough, and sometimes begin to crack. The best way to prevent this is to wear gloves in the winter and not to allow the cold to dry the skin.

Furthermore, we need to use hand cream to keep the skin smooth and soft. It is best if the cream contains any of the following oils – coconut oil, shea, beeswax or sunflower.

It is also good for the housewives to wear gloves when they will use some kind of detergent.

The rubber gloves are a good idea even when dishwashing. It is good when you buy detergents to choose such that are friendly, at least to some extent to your hands.

The next important point for good looking hands is the manicure. It does not include just polishing or changing the nail polish – we are talking about the comprehensive care. It is good to be done once every two weeks. In addition, try not to be polished constantly. Give a few days off to your nails.

Do not buy nail polish or nail polish remover, depending on which is with the lowest price. Choose products that will spare your hands and nails. Even if not polished when your hands and nails are maintained, they always look good.

It is good to just push the cuticles inwards rather than cut them. Moreover, it is better not to use a metal nail file.

Last but not least a reflection of the look of the hands also gives and the smoking. Spots appear and in the very passionate smokers the nails turn yellow.

Apart from quit smoking (which would be good not only for your hands), we can offer you to make a solution of baking soda and lemon juice and rub the problem areas. Then rinse with warm water and apply a hand cream, moisturizing.

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