Natural nail strengthener

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If and you аre like me, working on a computer and wobbling on the keyboard all day long, then the next recipe will be very useful for your manicure and the good look of your hands.


The bad thing is that with that work we are subjecting our nails on a regular portion of shock and terror. The dear! They are doomed to be short for the rest of our creative journey.


Actually, I always thought that being a journalist and having a nice manicure is mission impossible and whoever can, may try to refute me.


Well, that does not mean that I have turned away from the care for my nails. On the contrary. I have not at all given up on trying to keep my nails in good condition. Except all of the well known procedures like trimming, filing, removing of cuticles, massaging and nourishing of the nails I maintain them and even often treat them with one natural strengthener.


You want to prepare it too? No problem.


You will need:


• 2 tablespoons of humani in powder

• 1 teaspoon of honey dissolved in a little water


It is clear and simple: the two components are combined in a suitable container until a homogeneous texture, similar to a mash. With it you need to massage each nail plate carefully and continuously. And that is it. Humani is the fine clay that is used often in the beautifying procedures. It is also used in hair masks, face masks and has many beneficial properties. It can be found in the pharmacies and in most of the cosmetic stores.


If you do this procedure once a week when you take care of your manicure, you will soon feel its effect. Your nails will be stronger and healthier.


Well, you are now ready to be journalists with healthy and beautiful nails.

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