Nails rising with acrylic

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Allergic reactions and safety


The construction of the acrylic nail plastic in most cases is harmless and there is no damage to the natural nails. In the production of the acrylic are mixed polymer in powder and liquid monomer to form a paste in the form of modeling clay. It is applied to the nail, and is let to harden. Sometimes it can irritate the sensitive skin. After removing the acrylic nails can be seen a change in the color and texture of the nails, but it is not a permanent change – in the growth the nails regain their normal color and shape.


The acrylic manicure is extremely durable and looks natural, if it is professionally placed.

It is possible to occur allergic reactions to the ingredients of the acrylic – the symptoms are itching and redness around the nails. In this case, consultation with a physician is absolutely required.


If between the natural nail and the acrylic is held moisture, an infection is also possible. The bacteria grow rapidly in a moist environment, and it is favorable for fungal and other types of infections. In this case, the natural nails are thickened and lose their color, in this case it is imperative to consult a dermatologist.


The putting of acrylic nails can cause an infection if the instruments for manicure are not properly cleaned. Always visit licensed salons which you can trust, where your friends have been or you have heard only positive comments about their work. Be very careful if you have decided to do this procedure on your nails. The acrylic nails look very beautiful and if you are used to wearing long manicure in your daily life you should not experience any difficulties.  However, keep in mind that the artificial nails need maintenance in the beauty salon every two weeks.

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