Nails as of a princess and a cat

Image: © Cisek Ciesielski / Fotolia

In the beginning was the acrylic. And then – the sharp manicure with its help


According to more and more modern ladies not the “manna from heaven” from the Old Testament, but the acrylic is the long awaited and longed for material. For many years they prayed for a miracle. To happen so that the nail polish to be not only perfectly applied, but to stay in this state for weeks.



And here that appeared the manicure with acrylic. Enough is a practiced hand to apply the polymer on the nail plate, then to “bake” it under the light of a UV lamp. And we forget about the maintenance of the nails in the next 2 to 4 weeks.


And the best part is that this technique allows adducing the natural resources on the fingers in the form and length for which we have always dreamed of. Here is the place to announce the news for this season. So far, the clients of the studios, working with acrylic, still remained faithful to the classic shaped, square nail plate.


The tendencies recently however are changing. In vogue predatory come near the sharp claws almost as of Catwoman. We say “almost” because she would hardly have chosen the too cluttered designs that are topical now. We would assume that they are sure to appeal more to Poison Ivy. Or to some princess, only that it must be an exotic one, or to come from a time when in honor has been the Rococo style.


Do not get us wrong. We believe that it is better тхе наил to breathe rather than to be swamped with acrylic. Still, if your self-esteem needs artificially improved manicure, then our job is not to preach.


Our job is to show you the latest trends. And if you like a particular vision among the many proposals for this season, do not let the complex designs worry you. The experienced manicurist, whо has passed a course for acrylic, should do well.

Be caressing and graceful as cats, but do not use your jagged acrylic nails as a weapon!

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