Nail polish in the refrigerator? It is possible!

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How to store your nail polish to protect it from spoiling

Have you ever suddenly decided you want to polish exactly with a certain color? You remove all the old polish, take the bottle, open it, and determine that it has dried out. Or else it is “flaky”. Whatever its condition is, it is probably just that it is no longer usable.

In order not to fall anymore into similar woes, we have prepared three rules for proper storage of nail polish. Here they are.


1. Never dilute the varnish with nail polish remover! Why? Well, because often the nail polish removers contain acetone, which can harm the formula of your favorite product. That means to ruin it. If you want to change the consistency of the polish, use a special solvent for this purpose, which is sold in the cosmetic shops and is not expensive. At the same time, only a few drops of it will solve the problem.


2. Do not store your colorful bottles in the bathroom. The humidity and heat do not affect well their content. Better keep them in a cool, dark place, maybe in the refrigerator. This will keep their perfect texture for longer time.


3. Arrange them and leave them upright. When lying down, there is always the danger the liquid to pour and to build up around the opening of the bottle, which will make it difficult to open and use the polish. And again – to harm its appropriate for applying texture.


Another rule for the storing of nail polish, which you probably are aware of, is to keep it away from direct sunlight. This is very important in order to keep its perfect condition for longer.

Well, if you just comply with these conditions, you will have the perfect manicure. Or at least the nail polishes for it.

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