Nail Care at Home and the Must Haves

Image: © Oleg Ivanov / Fotolia

To most people getting a professional manicure is not easy hence a visit to the manicurist. Anyhow, there are those who will never miss a weekly or a bi-weekly date with their manicurist, however to most there is just not the time. Yet to others the money to splash on nail experts might not be available at all. Whether you are low on budget or short on time, there are a few exceptional nail care products that should always be available in your nail kit to help you in keeping your nails healthy and neat without much fuse.

Buffer block
When it comes to nail care, a buffer block is one very handy tool. Buffer blocks are available in several varieties coming in two or three finishes on the four sides ranging from very smooth to a slightly coarse. These are very critical to keeping your nails well maintained. The more coarse sides are ideal for rubbing away the ridges on nails, while smoother sides are used for shining the nails enough to even avoid the polishing completely.

Glass Nail File
When it comes to the length and shape of nails, it is down to personal preference. However, if you prefer your nails short and rounded, the glass nail file is the most suitable tool to get you there. It provides a gentler touch than the emery board giving your nails a smoother edge that will not break or catch easily. In addition, they are safe for dish washing and do not need to be replaced as frequently as emery boards or metal nail files.

Nail Strengthener
The list of home nail care must haves would not be complete without the nail strengthener. Fragile nails are likely to break, shred or peel. However, with the application of a coat of nail strengthener it is possible to keep your nails in top shape.

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