Moon manicure for the spring

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The tendency of two colors on the nails is back with full force and effect

We could not help but notice during the Fashion Weeks one of the manicure trends for the spring-summer season, which is quite easy and applicable both in the everyday life as well as for the evening or official occasions.

The dual color manicure from the podium quite could easily be adapted for office or for a party with friends for example. Although that in most cases we are skeptical about the art on our nails with all its attributes like pearls, stones and various ornaments, there is a way to fit it in the real conditions of a business day, even if you prefer your manicure to be in one color and more simple.

Last winter was the season of the ombre manicure made with iridescent one into another color from their lightest shade to darkest range or vice versa.

Today again we see the return of the moon manicure at the forefront of the modern fashion trends. Its history actually begins in the 30s, when on the market was released a nail polish with a special brush, with the help of which could not be covered with color the nail moon at the base of the nail plate.

In 2009, exactly this version for manicure used John Galliano for the fashion show of Dior. Here is the continuation of the story – today such manicure for their fashion show chose the world famous and well known names in the fashion industry – Marc Jacobs, Catherine Maladrino, Peter Som, Jenni Kayne, Milly, Desigual.

We got inspired by the examples and sought more visions of the manicure in the lunar theme. Of course you will need except two colors of qualitative nail polish and master skills and precise hand, especially if you want to apply and a decoration in your manicure. The experiments with the colors and accessories are numerous, as you can see on the web. Just choose one of the many beautiful models and make it on your nails or trust the professionals in the beauty salon.

And remember that the most important thing is to feel beautiful and confident.

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