Modern manicure for the autumn-winter season

Image: © Jörg Rautenberg / Fotolia

See what manicure is fashionable for fall-winter and what colors of nail polishes show the designers.

We start with a trend that will never go out of style – short manicure with well-maintained natural nails. For the autumn – winter season such manicure showed Dolce & Gabbana, in perfect combination with frugal makeup – a great combination suitable for all ladies who prefer the natural look.


The next suggestion is manicure in a neutral color – perfect for school, work, office and for all occasions where the bright intrusive manicure is irrelevant. You should know that nails lacquered in white, beige, tan, peach or pink look nice and are always in fashion.


And now we bring a little chic in our selection, with autumn French manicure in beige and black – elegant idea from Donna Karan for the women who prefer the refined style.


In fact the classic French with white at the top of the nail, this fall has been replaced with black, dark brown or dark red. We see such a manicure in the majority of designers, and Rebecca Minkoff gives another interesting idea: dual French manicure in dark colors – brown and black on light beige basis.


As a rule during the cold months are trendy the colors of the varnishes in darker shades: black, dark blue, dark brown, dark purple, dark green and others. These nuances are present in the autumn and winter palettes of most brands in the new season.


Red – the color that is a classic in the manicure, this fall is in a wide range of deep nuances: saturated dark red, cherry, burgundy and others.


But every rule has its exceptions, so if you prefer bright nails, you can choose honey yellow nail polish for more color and mood in the cold gray days. Interestingly looks the idea of Christian Cota: orange-yellow manicure with ombre effect.


We continue with another trend that is not new in the tendencies for nails, it is in vogue every season for a while now – the moon manicure. For autumn – winter the designers show the moon manicure in dark nuances and interesting combinations of two contrasting colors.


Following are some ideas for fancy nails with easy Nail Art, for which it is not necessary to have who knows what skills in drawing. You can make colorful nails with spirals, as in Nicole Miller or to diversify the manicure with contrasting dots in different sizes such as Kate Spade.


Very attractive look the nails with any patterns – lines, stains and doodles, especially if they resemble the print of the clothes. Choose lacquers with the colors of your clothing and improvise as Calla and The Blonds.


We continue with metallic manicure and fresh ideas for the ladies who like to attract attention. For autumn – winter the designers show: short nails in dark metallic – graphite gray; long nails and silver metallic with peeling effect.


Shiny manicure in gray-green with spectacular varnish that resembles the skin of a reptile and golden nails into soft nacreous color – ideal for special occasions this season.


These are the proposals for modern manicure for the autumn-winter from the world of fashion. For us remains to decide which of them we will use for more variety in our manicure for the new season.

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