Manicure without nail polish

Image: © joe4560 / Fotolia

Decorate your nails effectively without spending hours.


The beautiful manicure is the final touch for a perfect look. Precisely this procedure, however, requires the most time. And not everybody can paint beautiful details on their nails.


That is why we were so glad when we found the super useful proposal from Nail Rock on the internet. From the studio for designer stickers for nails obviously know how our manicure can attract the attention of others, without for the purpose to have spent two hours.


Nail stickers are a new way to give life to your nails. You can forget the polishing – it is obsolete. Moreover, the product of Nail Rock is easy to remove. You just have to warm up your fingers and take it off carefully.


The unique stickers already are favorite of stars like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyonce. And no wonder. The Art named “manicure” has reached new super attractive levels. For the decoration of your nails will no longer have limits. Screaming animal print or metallic silver shades – everything is possible with these stickers for nails.


The nail stickers can be used both on natural and artificial nails, on short or long, rounded or square shaped.


How to put on the nail stickers:


  • Polish your nails with a clear coat or colored nail polish and wait for it to completely dry.
  • Lift the nail sticker from its package with tweezers or a stick.
  • Place the sticker carefully on your nail and adjust it to the desired position. If you like the result pat it down, so that it can stick well to the nail plate.
  • Apply a qualitative top coat on top of the nail stickers. In this way you will protect them from peeling off and they will last for longer time.

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