Manicure on your lunch break

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And suddenly your mood will change towards better!


The contemporary woman has a lot of things to cope with in her everyday life. Nowadays the woman is not only a housewife but also a person impetuous in his career. We all go to work, take care of the kids and do our household chores. With all these tasks in our daily life, there is almost no time for us ladies to take care of our appearance. The good looking manicure is an important part of every woman’s vision.


The colorful nails take us closer with an idea to cheerfulness, even if it is raining outside and all the clouds of the world have gathered precisely over our heads.


Therefore we looked for a manicure idea, which you can perform in office conditions.


We are sure that you have all the necessary things at hand – scissors, tape … We are right, are we not? Well, I hope only that you carry three bottles of nail polish – two in different colors and one with top coat. If you are not prepared to complete the last condition today you have time to react until tomorrow’s lunch break!


So what you need to do to achieve beautiful results?


Polish your nails with one of the colors and wait for it to completely dry.

Cut a strip of duct tape for each nail that you want to acquire a beautiful pattern. You can do it on all of your nails or only on some of them. Shape one side of it zigzagged.

Stick the tape on your nails and polish with the other color, allow it to dry.

Then peel off the strip and optionally cover with top coat.


Once you have done this two-color manicure, you can now return to work in a great mood!

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