Instruments for manicure

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The professional kit for the making of manicure includes:

– Scissors for cutting cuticles

– Clamps for cutting artificial nails

– Clips for cutting of the cuticles on the side of the nail

– Polishing stick and a blunt shovel to push the cuticles

– Nail file


Nowadays the nail files are made not only from metal which injures the nails, there are now files made ​​from ceramic, crystal, wood and cardboard, diamond and sapphire coating for filing.

The scissors are among the most important tools for manicure. Depending on their purpose the scissors are divided into several types:

– Scissors with rounded edges for cutting of the cuticles that are close to the skin;

– Scissors with sharp edges for removing of the peeling skin at the bottom of the nail;

– Scissors with curved edges for removing of the cuticles.


For shortening of the nails and removing of the cuticles are used different special clamps that thanks to the springs, gently propel the blades into the open position, which makes them easy to use. For pushing the cuticles are used little shovels of different shapes. For the making of manicure at home you can use special wooden sticks. The natural wood affects the skin gentler than the metal. There are manufacturers that produce even safer sticks from cellulose or similar artificial materials that are soaked with healing oils and soften the cuticles, so the procedure becomes more painless and safe.

For polishing of the manicure is used a special file. The abrasive coverage of the polished file is much softer compared to that of the normal file. If the manicurist uses an additional special paste or powder, then as a tool she will use the file.

And for the artificial nails, are used and different brushes which are necessary in order to create different drawings or small individual details. In the thin brush the hairs are lacking, instead there is a slim ball tip like a pen and with its help can be made points, commas and curved lines. For the making of various spots and others is used brush with a tip as a fan. For drawing are most commonly used brushes:


– N1 – thin, 1 mm in length. (required for drawing straight and slightly curved lines)

– N00 – thin 3 mm in length. (required for drawing dots and commas)

– N3 – fluffy with sharp edges (used for covering the surfaces and removing dust)


To be able to paint with the brushes experience is necessary, so you can practice on artificial nails, thus you can acquire a habit that would help you in the drawing.


When you start doing your manicure, it is best to arrange all the tools that you will need next to yourself on a clean tissue or towel, so if necessary you will always have them at hand.

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