How to prepare for a manicure?

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Tips for ladies who do their own manicure

The beautiful manicure is much more than just nails with nail polish. It expresses the freedom of imagination, creativity and attention to detail by the ladies. In fact, the manicure is something like a beautiful accessory that can finish perfectly any vision.
It turns out that the well-kept nails are not seen only by the women but also by their male partners.
The beautiful nails demonstrate attention to the detail and can even create the impression of a lady who maintains herself in every respect.
The beautiful manicure, however, is not just applying color on the nails – preparation is necessary in order to achieve the desired results. We present to you the advice with which to easily create the perfect base.
Here they are:

1. Preparation
First of all, clean the old nail polish with nail polish remover. Whether the base will be the same color with which you are varnished currently, it is absolutely necessary to start all over again. Apply almond oil and massage your hands and nails.

2. Shape
After cleaning thoroughly, use a nail file and clippers and shape in the desired form. Whether you want long, short, oval, square or sharp nails necessarily use the nail file to make them identical and of both hands.

3. Clean
Soften and moisturize the nails and cuticles. You can simplify the process of cleaning by soaking your hands in a bowl of warm water for at least 15 minutes. Then push them back or use scissors for cuticles if necessary and clean them.

4. Wash
Wash your hands with warm water to remove any dirt from the whole hands. This will remove the oil that you placed in advance, as it has already nourished the skin and all it can do now is to impede the application of the nail polish.

5. Dry
It is imperative to dry your nails well before the application of nail polish. After using a paper towel or napkin, you can safely apply a clear coat or nail strengthener for a base which will harden the nails and enhance the colors you will use for your manicure.

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