How to make a manicure with foil

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Easy and at the same time very effective nail decoration

Boring manicure – boring life! This maxim is completely correct, is not it?

If you are from the ladies who can not remember from how long they have not seen their hands with nail polish different from the traditional red, beige or black, now is the time to pick the nail polish remover, to erase the routine from your hands and try a new idea that we will present you in the following lines.

The technique for this manicure is very easy as long as you follow the instructions correctly. If you run them step by step, within minutes you will have wonderful nails that will not only shine in the sun, but will also be unique, original and very effective.


What you need for this purpose is:

  • Colorless nail polish
  • Clear-white nail polish
  • Single-color nail polish in a pastel shade
  • Colored foil in several colors

Before you start the main part of the manicure, we recommend you to paint your nails in the basic color at least an hour before the procedure to allow it to dry out well. We recommend using a light gray shade, but you can try a different pastel tone according to your personal taste and desire.

Pre-cut into square small pieces the foil, as it is good to have at least two different colors of it.

When you are convinced that the main color of the manicure is completely dry, apply a layer of the clear-white varnish over it. We advise you to make the decoration nail by nail.

Even before the clear-white nail polish has completely dried, start making prints with the foil on your nails. The prints are best done when you slightly stick the foil onto the nail plate and then gently peel it so that on the nail remains a part of the shine.

Then, while the nail has not completely dried out of the varnish, do the same procedure with the other color foil.

Make the decoration gradually with the other nails of your hands. Finally, finish with a colorless nail polish to cover the decoration and prevent it from easily peeling off.

This is it! You all alone have created a wonderful manicure, which you will wear with pleasure at least in the next 7-8 days.

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