How to keep your nails in a good condition

Image: © Szerdahelyi Adam / Fotolia

To maintain your nails overall healthy and presentable in appearance, you have to consider a number of factors. Most people overlook some basic things which affect their nails indirectly. Some of these overlooked factors include: the diet, cleanliness, day to day activities, use of various tools appropriately, and your choice of products for care and beautyfication for your nails. The following simple tips may be very useful in order to keep your nails healthy.


Give your nails time to rest.

After a long time of polish application, remove it and leave the nail to refresh. It is not advisable to add layers on top of the previous nail polish that has peeled off. Remove the old layer, leave your nails for some time before the next application.


Cut your nails.

For those who love long nails, cutting them makes them grow longer and healthier. Old nails have a slow growth rate compared to regularly trimmed nails. Ensure that you maintain a medium sized length and they will keep growing long amazingly faster.


File your nails to a presentable shape.

Shaping them ensures that they are clean and neat. File your nails when they are dry to avoid breakage and use the file only in one direction. Moving the file in opposite directions will weaken your nails leading to breakage.


Clean your hands frequently.

Use clean water and soap to keep your hands clean and always maintain good hygiene. This keeps your nails free of contamination by germs.


Nail treatment.

Apply softening oils to treat your nails after trimming. Apply softeners on the cuticles and on the nail plates because in this way they are nourished and strenghtened.



Observe your diet.

Your diet should consist of adequate portions of calcium and vitamin A. Drinking enough water every day will also ensure that your nails are well hydrated as well as your whole body.


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