How to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Clean

Image: © Christoph Hähnel / Fotolia

 Strong healthy and nice looking nails complement our look and even our outfit. We spend lots of time and cash everyday trying new nail care tips in order to give our nails a gorgeous look. However, did you know that your nails are not alive? If they were, then they could be doing this for themselves, sparing us the hustle. The following tips will help make your nails clean healthy and good-looking.

Consider trimming your nails after a bath. This is healthy and safe especially for those with brittle nails. Wet nails are easy to trim or shape. This is because they are soaked with water which makes them soft and easy to cut without cracking. Moisturizing them when you are routinely applying your body moisturizer will also greatly minimize your nail breakages throughout the day.

As one of the healthy nail care tips, doctors recommend that you avoid any chances of nail infections such as bacterial and virus infections. Infections can appear from biting your nails, sharing your nail file and washing your nails with dirty water. There is the need therefore to have your own tool kit and own nail polish to help minimize this.

Putting on the right size of shoes is also an issue. Small size shoes eventually hurt your nails causing toes discomfort, swelling and infections. Therefore too small shoes are discouraged as far as healthy nail care is concerned. In order to have healthy nails is good to avoid some trimming and filling practices. When filling your nails it is not advisable to move your file to and fro against your nail, rather in one direction. Never cut the cuticles; rather try to push them back gently. Finally avoid pulling off your hanging nails, because apart from injuring yourself, germs and bacteria, easily find their way into your nails, compromising the nail health.

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