How to freshen up your manicure quickly, easily and effectively?

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Every woman dreams of a beautiful and long lasting manicure that looks amazing even after a long work week. We live in a world in which is inevitable to keep our hands, trying to escape from our daily duties – cleaning, cooking, playing with the children, work and whatnot. As a consequence the polish on the nails peels off, the nails lose their integrity and our manicure is far from perfect. Yes, there are gel nail polishes that last for two weeks, but not all of us can afford going to the beauty salon all the time. Instead, we offer you several options with which to freshen up your manicure quickly, easily and efficiently.


Apply a top coat

If your nails are intact, but need a little shine, apply a top coat on them. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to keep your nails in perfect shape, no matter what activity you do. This prevents the color from fading and chipping of the main polish, so it is advisable to repeat the refreshing procedure every 2-3 days.


“Dress up” your nails

Whether the nail polish on the edges of the nails has peeled because of your daily duties or you just got tired the color, you could create an entirely new appearance of your manicure by concealing the defects. Make a colorful French manicure, covering the edges of the nail plate with a different from the base color, try to draw an attractive animal print or show some boldness by decorating your nails with stones. Easy and effective way to change your old manicure.


Add some glitter

The varnishes with brocade can disguise any imperfections on your nails. They will also enable you to change the color of the manicure in case you are tired of it. If during the day you adhered to a more sophisticated look, complemented by a lacquer in a neutral color, and the evening you will go out with friends, add some evening glitter to be irresistible!


Remove some nail polish

Your polish has peeled in places and you do not have much time to repair the damages? Do not despair, because there is an easy option to exit quickly from the situation. Using a cotton swab and nail polish remover smooth the edges of the peeled areas and clean the varnish at a few more places, so as the nail plate to be visible. Then apply a layer of the varnish, which you are currently wearing and your manicure will be brand new.


Apply oil for cuticles

It might sound silly, but if the integrity of your nail polish is not compromised and your manicure just needs a quick refreshment, the cuticle oil will give an excellent result. Apply it on the cuticles to keep your hands healthy and add a glow that will nourish and strengthen not only the cuticles, but also the nails. Do this procedure every day for a truly perfect manicure.

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