How to extend the life of the manicure

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There are ways to be with beautiful nails for longer

The beautiful manicure definitely requires a lot of care, effort and time.

The process of selecting a color, decoration and style is not at all easy, but once you have decided this issue comes the moment with its durability.

When we really like our nails and our nail polish, we definitely want to keep it for a long time.

It turns out that there is a way to achieve this as long as we follow a few simple tips.

We tested and compiled for you a guide for the optimal longer lasting manicure.

Here is what it includes.


  1. Preparation

Use a little white vinegar on a cotton swab and wipe your nails with it before applying the base coat. This will remove the unwanted and excessive oiliness on the nails.


  1. Measure

Do not use the easier way to soak your fingers in a small container with white vinegar because the excessive and unbalanced use will dry the nails and can lead to breakage and thinning. Keep in mind that you have to be careful.


  1. Base

Never miss out the base coat when you polish your nails. Apply this product before polishing because otherwise you risk to suffer from problems such as soft nails, breakage or too easy bending.


  1. Top coat

The top clear coatings are just as important for the durability as the base coats. It is better to opt for a product with more shine, and why not with a gel texture.


  1. Oils

Always use oils for the cuticles. This will protect your fingertips and you will enjoy a beautiful manicure.


  1. The nail polish

Never shake the nail polish on the hand wrist. In this way, air enters into the product and when you apply it to your nails, bubbles will form. To prevent this, it is best just to take the bottle and roll it between your palms.


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