How to deal with the brittle nails

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When shaping beautiful and feminine manicure is very important our nails to be healthy. In order to maintain or restore their strength, can be applied various natural treatments.


To cope with the constantly splitting nails, you can try several natural products without having to undergo expensive treatments.


  1. Olive oil with lemon juice – mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice and before going to bed rub the mixture into your nails with gentle movements. Let the healing properties of the mixture to act all night by not washing your hands after you have rubbed the olive oil on them.


  1. Sea salt with lemon juice – mix two tablespoons of sea salt with two drops of lemon juice. The resulting mixture put into a small bowl and pour it in hot water. Then dip your fingers in the bowl for about 15 minutes.


  1. Tea tree oil – pour a few drops of the oil in water, then you need to rub the mixture into your hands several times a day.


  1. Oil from vitamin E – pour a few drops of the oil in water, which to rub in your hands several times a day.


  1. Vegetable oil – except tea tree oil and vitamin E you can also use almond, and olive oil. Apply a few drops of the chosen oil on a cotton swab, then massage each nail. Apply this method three times a day.


The main reasons for the fragile and unhealthy nails are hormonal imbalance, lack of vitamins and minerals, lack of hygiene, side effects of drugs or other diseases.


The nails can split because of lower estrogen levels in the body. When the hormone levels are low, this leads to dehydration of the body and thus to dry and brittle nails.


The nails can also break because of lack of iron, folic acid, protein, vitamin C and vitamin B12.


Diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys may also be a reason for brittle nails.

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