Help your nails to grow again

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Prevent the cracking and peeling of your nails with these tips for beautiful and well maintained manicure

The good vision of the nails is very important for the overall good appearance of any woman. Often, however, absorbed in the throes of the everyday life, we forget to pay attention to the ends of our fingers. This results in unpleasant consequences such as breaking and peeling.

To help you prevent these unpleasant side effects and help your nails grow faster and, more importantly, qualitatively, we offer you these tips.

Eat protein

The consumption of food rich in protein is the basis of the healthy nails. So do not forget to regularly eat meat, eggs, dairy products, buckwheat, peas or lentils.

Take supplements

Help your body by giving it the required levels of biotin and vitamins A, D and E. In addition your nails, hair and skin will thank you with a healthy and nourished appearance.

Do not ignore the gloves

When using preparations, including those for dishes, wear household gloves. Or take advantage of some of the natural methods for cleaning the house.

Shorten your nails frequently

To protect your nails from breaking, once a week cut and shape them with a file. For the shortening, use sharp scissors for manicure.


The dry nails are more prone to breaking, so it is important to regularly nourish them. The easiest way to do this is in the evening to massage your hands with for example olive or coconut oil.

Use a nail hardener

Twice a week, use a product intended to strengthen the nails. Choose the best one that is also appropriate and for a base to be able to then paint your nails in the selected color of nail polish.

These simple tips will not take a lot of your precious time (we know how busy your everyday life is), but will visibly affect the condition of both your nails and the skin of your hands.

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