Healthy eating and healthy nails

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Did you know that the nails on the hands and feet are one of the indicators for potential health problems? The healthy nails should be smooth and slightly pinkish. The change in the color and texture means deficiency of certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

If you maintain your manicure regularly, you will easily notice if there are changes. The most important for a good manicure and healthy nails is the adoption of healthy and beneficial food. Of course you can have a bite of your favorite foods, but parallel with that focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish and eggs.



Here is what you should include in your diet to enjoy your perfect manicure:

– Apples

– Asparagus

– Brown rice

– Cucumbers

– Eggs

– Garlic

– Grapes

– Livers

– Nuts

– Onions

– Salmon

– Soybeans

– Tuna fish


If you want strong, healthy and beautiful nails – follow these tips. Make some changes in your diet to have lovely nails without the intervention of a professional.

–   Consume foods containing calcium and zinc. The calcium effectively encourages the nail growth. Besides in the milk, calcium is also found in some fruits and vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and oranges. You should know that the appearance of small white spots means that you do not get enough zinc in your daily diet. A maximum of zinc is found in oysters, but there is also a sufficient amount in the eggs and cheese.

– Consume less sugar and less alcohol.

– Eat less saturated fat.

– Make sure you eat enough protein. Their absence leads to the breaking of the nails and damage to their structure. To improve the level of proteins in the body is recommended the consumption of meat and cheese.

– Increase your intake of vitamins A, B, C, D and E.


If you want easy for maintenance manicure, a change must occur in some of your habits.

– Do not eat your nails. For giving up this harmful habit there are special preparations having a bitter taste that will help.

– Do not cut the cuticles but carefully push them backwards.

– Use frequently lotions to nourish the skin of the hands.


With a little effort, you can enjoy healthy, strong and shiny nails without having to invest time and money in the salon for manicure.


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