Have stunning Nails with Nail Art!

Image: © cronopio / Fotolia

Nail art is a must have for any woman. This is because well done nails not only make you feel good about yourself, but beautiful nails are also a reflection of your personality.

Nail art allows women to have paintings, motifs and pictures on their nails. The paintings can be done directly on the nail, or a plastic nail can be used instead.

There are basically four forms of nail art: (1) where the artist uses nail polishes, (2) where stones such as gems are used to decorate the nails, (3) where painted stickers are used on the nails, (4) where acrylic is used for the motif.


If you are planning on having nail art, here are the steps that you should follow to achieve astounding results.

– Clean your nails with clean water and remove dirt using a soap.

– Apply a base coat. The base coat should contain vitamin E. Composition of vitamin E in the coat ensures that the nail is supplied with the necessary nutrients.

– Massage your nails to ensure that there is ample blood supply. After this, apply the nail polish of your choice. If you prefer having the false nails, this is the time to put them on. Match the false nail with your nail size and patch it perfectly with glue. Before you polish the false nail, wait for it to dry.

– To ensure that the polish has patched perfectly, wash with clean water.



On average, applying the polish directly on the nail usually takes 30 minutes; however, applying the polish on the false nail takes a little longer (usually about 1 hour).

You can do the nail art at home or in the salon. To have more complex designs on your nail, you should always seek the services of an expert.

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