Harmful nail polish?

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The nail polish is harmful to the health.

Faithful to our vanity, we women perform our daily beauty rituals. The well maintained manicure also enters in this column, but new studies can drastically alter our attitudes towards the colored nails.


Some nail polishes on the market and even in the beauty salons contain three specific chemicals called the “toxic trio” such as toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutylphthalate. An increased amount of the first can lead to enhanced heart rate, dried skin and may affect the nervous system. Formaldehyde even is known as a carcinogen and dibutylphthalate can lead to reproductive problems and underdeveloped genitals in newborn boys.

Many companies, not only in Europe but also in the US, despite the ban on the use of these chemicals, refuse to follow the instructions and continue using them, which makes even the cosmetic salons unsuitable as a working environment. It is established that 10 out of 12 products on whose label is not written that they contain the harmful ingredients, is the exact opposite, while at 5 out of 7 is established the content of at least one of the three harmful chemicals. Even beauty treatments hide their risks.


Reinforcing the frightening proposition fact is the recent report from England, according to which women who take care of their nails by professionalists, increase the risk of skin cancer. These startling assumptions rose when two women got tumors from exposing their hands upon the ultraviolet lamp. Doctors are worried that high doses of UVA rays damage the skin of the hands, and women are unaware of this.


So dear ladies, be careful and do not overdo the visits to the beauty salons and the use of the harmful ultraviolet rays. Allow your nails to breathe and relax from nail polish at least for one week each month.


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