French manicure

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French manicure – universal designer’s manicure creating the impression of well-maintained and healthy nails. In this case, the tips of the nails are painted in white and the rest of the nail in cream, beige or pink. There are two versions for the invention of the French manicure.


According to the first version, the French was invented by the Parisian fashion designers where the nails of the models are always in harmony with their clothing.


According to the second version, the French manicure is popularized in many countries, and appeared in 1976 proposed by ORLY, located in California, near Hollywood. One of the producers of the cinema studio has asked Jeff Pink to come up with something new, with which the actress would not have to change her nail polish when dressing up each new suit. At that time was born the idea to give the nails a healthy appearance by highlighting with a bright white nail polish the free end of the nail. For this style is required moderate length of the nails and their natural form as a “spatula” or as a “smile”. This option still continues to be popular because it is suitable for every fashion style, mood and looks natural. Today’s modern women can replace the white line with a gold, silver or any other color. It can be done not on all fingers, but only on one, thus the French will become more sophisticated.


How to make a French manicure


  1. File your nails and give them the desired shape. The traditional length of the nails is the average – the free end should not exceed 5 mm. Make a bath with warm water. Push the skin from the base of the nail with the necessary spatula.
  2. Apply white lines with a pencil under the free ends.
  3. Apply on the nails the base and allow it to dry. You can apply some and under the free end of the nail in order to obtain a nicer color. If the nail has holes or depressions, it is better to use a covering to fill them. It will flatten the nails and give them smoothness after applying the varnish.
  4. Now apply white nail polish on the free end on one side of the nail (usually in the left) diagonally up to the end of the nail. Do the same and with your right hand. Allow it to dry.
  5. Apply the clear varnish and wait to dry. Apply depending on what you have chosen polish in nude, pink or peach color in the direction from the base of the nail to the free end. Make sure that the nail polish has not fallen on the cuticle. If necessary apply a second layer.
  6. Apply a top coat. Apply the clear top coat on the entire surface of the nails.


That is all. Now you are ready to go out with an elegant and stylish French manicure.

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