French manicure against cracking nails

Image: © Natalya Glinskaya / Fotolia

Recently we made a strange discovery ​​and hurry to share it with you. If you too suffer from weak nails which are constantly cracking and breaking, try to save them with… French manicure. It turns out that it helps for several reasons.


Typically the nails break on the tops or where you have managed to grow an even not so long manicure. When you do a French manicure, particularly this part of the nail gets three layers of nail polish, which certainly makes it more robust. First is applied a white color, then a body-colored base and finally colorless nail polish / hardener / top coat. With so many layers, this fragile part of your nails will most likely remain strong for a much longer time.


Even if you start doing French manicure on very short nails, its regular replacement will strengthen them and thereby they will grow up safely in case you want to have a long manicure. The moment you give up to maintain the French manicure, however, and go back to the regular polishing, they will once again begin to split and break.


The advantages of the French Manicure: It is sexy, always in fashion, comes cheap and helps to strengthen the nails.

The French manicure is suitable for any kind of clothing. No matter if you are an elegant business lady or a sporty and active person. This type of manicure is appropriate for both special and official events and for the everyday life. There is a great variety of designs for French manicure between which you can choose. You can rely on the classic one with the white line of nail polish or you can choose a bolder option with another color. Very fashionable lately are and the designs of French manicure with additional decorations on the ring finger or on each of the nails.

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