For the polishing, historically

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Did you know that this beauty treatment is as old as the world?

Girls, why do you polish your nails? Suppose to highlight the beauty of your fingers, and sometimes – and of boredom.

The ancient Egyptians, however, had put another meaning in the act in question. For them, the coloring of the nails was a way to show their status in society and to focus on the authority concentrated in their hands.

It is no coincidence that Nefertiti and Cleopatra wore bright red manicure. The latter was only a privilege of the representatives of the royal community. If any of the common people dared to decorate their nails, was severely punished – often with a death sentence.

So if you have a time machine and with it decide to port out in Egypt, it is better not to put in your luggage the varnishes, especially the red.

The Indians have also been fans of the polishing since ancient times. The same to this day use henna to implement it. However, to them, in general, there is a strong symbolism in the rituals of beautification.

Chinese women even painted their nails with polish made ​​from beeswax, proteins, gelatin and vegetable dyes. Or else they kept their fingers for a long time in a container with paint, until they are colored in the desired pattern.

In fact, the fashion in “the modern” painting dates from the 18th century. About this time the ladies began to cut their nails in a specific way, and above all – for aesthetic purposes. In the 20s was invented the initial quite unsuccessful version of the nail polish. The product ran terribly and was very hard for application.

Fortunately, it was quickly improved and a little later – on the market. So… began the great polishing.

Today there are thousands of types of polish – from magnetic to the long lasting and women compete to decorate their nails in more and more original and attractive ways.

In fact, in our days for many women (and even some men) the performance of that ritual has become a routine. Sometimes we forget that the beautiful manicure even now can win us the respect and approval of the others.

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