Flowers on the nails

Image: © openas70 / Fotolia

I am crazy about decorations on the nails! But most of all I like the floral designs – they are very cute to me and remind me of summer. I plan to do one of these today, come on, work with me!


We will need:

• a black nail polish and a few in different colors – the brighter, the better

• cotton swab, cut at one end in order to be sharp for making dots

• a toothpick


I instruct you to start first with the black polish – use it for base and polish all fingers carefully. Wait for it to dry.


Pour over an improvised palette (a cap of a jar will do a perfect job for the purpose) a small amount of the other polishes.



Dip the cotton swab (from the cut end) in pink color, for example, and make neat petals on the black background.


The leaves and other details you can shape with the toothpick because it is thinner and appropriate.

Finish the procedure with top coat and that is it. Try! And if your manicure wins general approval, you can only be even happier.


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